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The Laws of the Tuchuks
« on: October 18, 2018, 10:44:37 pm »
Social Law

An adulterer is to be fined 3 gold tarns. If he is unable to pay said fine, he will be placed in a debtor's collar for a period of no less than a hand per gold tarn disc. If a woman has committed adultery against her Companion, then she is to be collared immediately, for the rest of her existence.

Whoever intentionally lies, or practices sorcery, or spies upon the behaviour of others without their consent, is to be put to the lash 10 times for the first offense, 15, for the second. Then on the third, the offending appendage will be removed.

No taxes or duties should be imposed ... upon Haruspexes, Singers, Year Keepers, and those who wash the bodies of the dead.

The People are forbidden to show preference for any Clan, to pronounce words with emphasis, or address themselves to someone of lower status than they. ((To address yourself to someone of lower status applies to taking orders from, obeying, etc))

None may cause harm to the Haruspexes. To do so is punishable by death.

In cases of murder one could ransom himself by paying fines of up to and no more than 40 gold coins. If he cannot afford such prices, then he is to be put to death, as are his children.

The People are forbidden to give any male a name until they have learned to ride, to hunt, to use the bow, bola, quiva, and lance.

No man is allowed to Court a Woman until he has earned the Red Scar of Courage.

Foreigners are to be treated as enemies until they have proven themselves capable of adapting to the culture and traditions of the People. ((For those new to camp there is a welcome pulldown now))

Economic Law

Whoever finds a runaway slave or captive and does not return him to the person to whom he belongs is to be put to the lash at least 20 lashes.

The man in whose possession of stolen property is found must return it to its owner and add nine of the same kind: if he is unable to pay this fine, his children must be taken instead of the property, and if he have no children, he himself shall be slaughtered like a verr.

A Woman after she has become a woman in the eyes of the tribe(been given her nose ring) will be allowed to own property.

Whoever takes goods (on credit) and becomes bankrupt, then again takes goods and again becomes bankrupt, shall be put to death, after the second time.

Whoever gives food or clothing to a captive without the permission of his captor is to be chastised with the whip 10 times.

A 10% tax on the people's earning is owed to the Ubar and his Court every month. This tax can take the form of coin, or goods, so long as the value matches or exceeds said 10%. If the tax is not recieved on a monthly basis, after the third month, the offending party shall be enslaved.

Food and Water Law

When an animal is to be eaten, its feet must be tied, its belly ripped open and its heart squeezed in the hand until the animal dies; then its meat may be eaten; but if anyone slaughter an animal after the fashion of the City Vermin, he is to be himself slaughtered.

Any Free caught eating food that has touched the ground(eating not drinking/and vegetables etc) Will be cast out of the Camp for a period of no less than 2 hands.

Laws regarding Soldiers

If in battle, during an attack or a retreat, anyone let fall his pack, or bow, or any luggage, the man behind him must alight and return the thing fallen to its owner; if he does not so alight and return the thing fallen, he is to be put to death.

The Oralu are ordered to personally examine the troops and their armament before going to battle, to supply the troops with everything they needed for the campaign and to survey everything even to needle and thread, and if any of the soldiers lacked a necessary thing that soldier was to be punished. (Oralu examine Orlu, Orlu examine Or, Or examine Riders)
First Offense-10 lashes
Second Offense-20 lashes
Third Offense-Death
If a soldier is missing something, and his Commanding Officer has NOT examined his gear, then the Commanding Officer shall be put to death immediately.

The Women accompanying the troops will do the work and perform the duties of the men, while the latter were absent fighting.

The warriors, on their return from the campaign (battle) will carry out certain duties in the service of the Ubar.

-The warriors will tally the spoils accurately.
-The warriors will brand the slaves.
-The warriors will guard the treasure.
-The warriors will guard the wagon of the Ubar.
-The warriors will arrange the proper disposal of the dead.

The nobles will be placed at the head of armies and there will be commanders of thousands(Oralu), hundreds(Orlu), and tens(Or).

Oralus are forbidden to address(Take orders from) themselves to anyone except the Ubar. Whoever addressed himself to anyone but the Ubar is to be put to the lash ten times, and anyone changing his post without permission is to be put to the collar.

Soldiers are to be punished for negligence by 10 lashes first incident, 20 the second, death the third.

During times of relatively low action:

The Herds will be guarded by Ors (Commands of 10), No higher unit shall convene in the herds at the same time, except in times of emergency.

Orlus (Commands of 100) will rotate shifts to keep peace within Camp. 10 Ahn each. There shall be four Orlus doing this at all times.

Oralus(Commands of 1000) will rotate shifts to guard the Camp itself. This shall be a 20 Ahn rotation.

Commanders of Oralus shall also act as judiciary agents.

Laws regarding the Ubar

The Ubar is subject to each and every law within the lands of the Tuchuk. He is not above his own laws, but instead expected to follow them closer than any other man.

The Ubar can enact and dismiss treaties according to his consideration.

The Ubar can declare a state of war against any soverign entity outside of Tuchuk.

The Ubar is able to at any time declare a person an outlaw according to the following conditions:

1. They have elected to leave Tuchuk.

2. They have commited a grave crime against Tuchuk, such as:

a. treachery against the state. (This includes gross negligence of our laws and culture)

b. espionage against the state.

c. abandoning the tribe.

The Ubar is able to declare new laws as he sees the need arises.
(Should any of these laws be contrary to the Tuchuk way of life, then the Oralus are able to retract said laws with a majority decision. If they do so, however, they have decided that the Ubar is no longer fit to rule his people, and therefore must be removed from power)

Outlaws are just that, outside the law. They will be impaled upon return to Tuchuk. There will be no exceptions. (A man without a home is not to be considered an outlaw)

Laws regarding Women

If a woman touches silk, she may be enslaved.

If a woman is proven to act in a lascivicious manner, she is subject to enslavement.

If a woman commits a crime by the above laws, she is subject to the punishment as a man would be, or, if there is a specific penalty for women, it shall be applied to her.

If a woman is caught consorting with those who are not Tuchuk, with the exceptions of pre arranged business with the approval of the Ubar or her Companion should she have one, or said strangers have been welcomed, either by the Commanders of the Oralu or the Ubar. then she shall be put to the collar.

If a woman is caught in a state of drunkenness, she shall be put to the collar.

If a woman is to disobey the leaders placed above her, she shall be put to the collar.

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